Can You Tell Me How To Get, How To Get To Sesame Street (Cuz I Want To Live There)

I have a little series of posts on this blog called Fictional Characters I Would Date.  And yes, I know I haven’t updated in forever, but I think I will have at least one or two of them this month.  I was thinking about the idea of dating fictional characters and my mind began to wander and I started to think about fictional places I would want to live (don’t ask how I got there, because I can’t even tell you).  So the following is a list of places from movies, tv, or books that I would love to live.

Now I am following pretty strict rules for this.  It has to be a community that you would like to belong to.  I am not going to say “I want to live next door to Joey and Chandler,” because even though that would be awesome, there isn’t really a sense of community there.  I mean a collection of people and places that would make me feel at home.

1.  Everwood, Colorado:  Of course, most people probably already guessed this would be my first choice.  While watching Everwood on DVD you not only fall in love with the characters, you fall in love with the town.  The main street lined with shops that would never be able to stay open in a normal small town, the doctor’s office that used to be a train station, the school with the lunch tables outside (in COLORADO!!!), the snow capped mountains within walking distance.  This is a place I could live and truly call my home.  I would be best friends with Amy and Hannah and live right across the street from Nina and Dr. Brown.

Aaaaah, from this view you can almost see my house

2.  The Beast’s Castle:  I consider the Beast’s castle an entire community because it is huge and there are so many freakin’ people that live there (people, inanimate objects….whatever).  I would love to be Belle’s best friend, and I think it would be really fun to watch Lumiere and Cogsworth argue all the time.  I also wouldn’t mind the occasional opportunity to burst into song whenever I am all emotional.  I wouldn’t care if I was the royal toilet scrubber, as long as Belle let me use the library, I would live there forever.  Also, with all those servants around, I could totally find a cute French guy to date.  Maybe I would fall in love with a fork.

Gratuitous Library Picture

3.  Hobbiton:  It was a close call between Hobbiton and Rivendell, but I thought I would be a little intimidated if I had to be around really tall people who looked like Liv Tyler all the time.  Also, I think they would be surrounded by bugs all the time living in trees.  I would live in a little Hobbit house with a round door and little round rooms and it would be totally amazing!!!  We all know from reading the books/watching the movies that Hobbits know how to have fun.  They throw awesome parties, spend most of the time outdoors gardening and spend the rest of their time in the pub.  Not to mention the fact that some of the hobbits (ahem, Merry, ahem) are incredibly cute.  I could even get past the hairy feet (maybe…….).

Ummm, who wouldn't want to live here?

4.  Sesame Street:  Oh man, what person my age wouldn’t love to live on Sesame Street!!!  I haven’t watched it in ages, but I would love to live in 1980s era Sesame Street with Maria, Olivia, Gordon (and before Elmo made it big).  I could visit Oscar every day and then go hang with Big Bird in his nest.  I could REALLY learn to speak Spanish which is something College professors couldn’t help me with.  I would also get a big kick out of seeing the Count every day!  The only unfortunate thing is that there would be kids EVERYWHERE, but I think I could handle it.  I would probably just spend more and more time hanging out with Oscar.

See, it's all of my friends welcoming me home.

5.  Cabot Cove, Maine:  One of the things that I love most about Murder, She Wrote is that Jessica Fletcher is always outside riding her bicycle in the gorgeous Maine air.  I would love to be her junior detective sidekick and help her solve all of her mysteries.  I would enjoy rolling my eyes at the totally clueless sheriff and trying to lure Jessica away from her typewriter to work on a computer.  My mom pointed out that this might be a dangerous place to live, but I said that as long as I was a recurring character, I wouldn’t be in much danger.  I might be accused of murder, but Jessica would be able to prove my innocence.

Just picture me riding right behind her on my scooter

6.  Avonlea, Prince Edward Island:  This one probably would have been higher on the list, but they don’t seem to have the modern conveniences that I would normally require, so that’s why it is at the bottom.  (I mean, Rose Cottage has an outhouse!!!)  I would work at the general store with Miss Stacey and dine at the White Sands on the weekends.  I would be best friends with Olivia Dale and totally try to steal Gus away from Felicity…..or maybe I would just wait until Felix is old enough and steal him from Izzie.  I would adore the small town feel, all of the beautiful fields of wild grass, and the seashore, OH THE SEASHORE!!!  Yes, I could definitely live here, even if I didn’t have a real toilet.

Aaaah, own personal haven.

So, that is all I can think of off the top of my head.  I considered putting in Sunnydale, California, but I’m pretty sure I would be eaten right away by one of the monsters-of-the-week (I wouldn’t even be special enough to be offed by the big bad).  My mom also put in her two cents and said she would live in Brigadoon.  Very good choice, very nice.

What do you think?  Which fictional community would you want to live in?



6 Responses to “Can You Tell Me How To Get, How To Get To Sesame Street (Cuz I Want To Live There)”

  1. 1 Amber April 6, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Omigosh I think about living in Cabot Cove everyday!!! and your recurring character theory TOTALLY eases my mind. We could be the town librarians! hmmm although librarians are often victims…we would have to be librarians AND Jessica’s close friends…Really, I’m surprised Jessica doesn’t hang out in the library more. Oh geez, just got an idea–how about a prequel series for Murder, She Wrote!!! then one of us can be Jessica and the other one the best-friend librarian.

  2. 2 ngtjennifer April 6, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    ooooh, that is a great idea!!!! And then Frank, her husband could be in it too! I always wanted to meet Frank because he must have been a really cool guy to be married to Miss J.B. Fletcher.

  3. 3 Diana April 6, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    I’d love to live in Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. Lots of welcoming, quirky characters, and I’d love to eat at Luke’s Diner. I think I could become good friends with Lorelei and Rory because we share a love for all things pop culture.

    Jen, speaking of fictional places and people, did you know there’s a prequel for the Babysitters Club by Ann Martin that recently came out? My copy just arrived today, and I can’t wait to revisit the original members of BSC and the town of Stonybrook. I first discovered this series when I was in the third grade, and it was one of the first series I really got into as a child.

    The Summer Before:

  4. 4 Amber April 6, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    James McAvoy should play Frank–I could totally see Jessica married to a Scot.

    Stonybrook and Stars Hollow–good call. We should also add the Hundred Acre Woods and Hogwarts, right? and that city where Penelope lives? oh and the Bookworld from Thursday Next.

  5. 5 ngtjill April 6, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Diana, I was thinking Stars Hollow too! And I’m dying to read the prequel to the BSC. Let us know how it is!

    Jen, this post is awesome. I actually found it first via Abby’s twitter, and when I read her post, I thought “Ooh, good idea. We should have thought of this for the NGT blog!” Haha, you did. 🙂

  6. 6 ngtjennifer April 6, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Diana, I can’t believe that I haven’t read the prequel yet!! And yes, Stonybrook and Stars Hollow are both great choices. I thought about putting Stars Hollow on the list, but as only a casual Gilmore Girls viewer, I felt weird about it.

    Also Amber, yes James McAvoy should totally play Frank. And I can’t believe I forgot a place from Harry Potter!!!! I would choose Diagon Alley instead of Hogwarts though.

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