Saving the World, One Click at a Time

A quick tip on my fifth straight day of BEDA (woohoo, I’ve made it five whole days!!!).  Every day I go to the Animal Rescue Site and click on the big purple box to donate food to shelter animals.  Yeah, it may donate only .6 bowls of food, but after two days, that is a WHOLE BOWL OF FOOD!!  That is kind of awesome since I am really lazy and this is a great way to do some good without getting off my bum.

You might notice that there are tabs all along the top of the website that let you donate to help hunger, the rainforest, and even literacy.  I am bad about clicking all of them everyday (man, I AM really lazy!) but I do click the rainforest one without fail.

So please, take some time out of your busy day and help save some some kitties (or some boobies if you click the breast cancer one).  Add it to your favorites and it is the simplest thing in the world!



1 Response to “Saving the World, One Click at a Time”

  1. 1 Amber April 5, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Thanks for reminding me! I go through phases where I remember to click and then I forget for months. Click click click click click done.

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