Amber’s Bridal blah blah blog: Take my picture, please!

ummm, so yeah, I did like two bridal blah blah’s and then took an eight month break? So what better time to catch you all up than BEDA?!

So lets get started: Photographer? check!

Lets say this right up front: I REALLY REALLY like to have my picture taken despite being rather unphotogenic. I am super excited about having a professional there all day to make memories where I look non-greasy, non-eye-squinty, non-gummy-smile, and non-pointy-chin! Totally worth the money!

So last fall, my mom and I went to our first (and last) bridal fair. Last because I decided after 5 minutes of being there that I did not want to attend another one as a Bride. Now, I had been to ALOT of these as a bridesmaid and I always had ALOT of fun. So much fun wedding stuff! But omigosh, when I stepped foot into the conference hall I was just completely buzzkilled by all the other girls buzzing around showing off their diamonds. Now I don’t have a problem with showing off your ring–you should be proud of it! But something about this buzzing felt a little catty and fake (and I know what you are thinking: “but Amber, you love catty and fake!” right? it is usually so entertaining, but only when it is confidently catty, methinks). Most likely, I just felt left out because I didn’t see anyone I knew that I could run up to and yell “You’re getting married?! Me, too!” (actually I did see someone that I knew, but after three attempts at waving and getting no response because she was busy exclaiming “you’re getting married?” I felt quite invisible and self-conscious.) Annnyyway, so due to the buzzkill-caused moodiness, my mom and I went straight to the Trolley guy to book and then walked around grabbing business cards and were out of there in 20 minutes.

Later, from the safety of my slouchy couch, I went to all the different photographer’s websites. What was I looking for? I’m not really sure. I knew I didn’t want many if not any posed pictures, or at least not the straight posed pictures–I’m sure I will be doing LOTS of VOGUEING on my wedding day. And I wanted someone who could capture personalities. My favorite picture in my parent’s wedding album is one of my determined Grandma hiking up Mom’s dress so she could walk through the sleet and snow (they got married in mid-April!) So when I came across this picture, I just knew.

Hahaha, just kidding! Although, not gonna lie, I do think that is kinda awesome…

But no, THIS is the picture that made up my mind:

Isn’t this just the loveliest photo?! I think you can tell alot about a wedding photographer by how well they photograph the family and friends of the bride and groom–especially the grandparents. Sure I want pretty pictures of myself, but I also want pretty pictures of Grandmas and cousins and aunts and librarians!

The photographer is Jesse Inskeep of Inskeep Photography in Moline and he is fantastic! oh my, I am getting very giddy!



1 Response to “Amber’s Bridal blah blah blog: Take my picture, please!”

  1. 1 ngtjennifer April 5, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    I LOVE that photo of the grandparents!!! I much prefer pictures like that where it seems like the photographer snuck up on people to capture real moments. If and when I actually do get married, I am not going to have any posed pictures. The photographer is just going to have to take the shots as he/she sees them.

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