The hair shirt pants spider

Today I was standing in line at Which Wich and all of sudden my friend Cassi reached out and batted something away from my face and a little, black thing fell down, and it looked like it fell down into my black camisole (a black lace-trimmed cotton one from Banana Republic–it’s like wearing licorice gelato. and I don’t even like licorice.) and she said “um that was a spider.” and I was like “what?” but I wasn’t that surprised because earlier, when I was in Prairie Lights Bookstore, I remembered thinking “I wonder if there is a spider in my hair?” so I gasped and started lifting my shirt up and then I realized I was in public so I ran to the bathroom but it was locked so I waited and I lifted my shirt up again while Cassi and I chatted nonchalantly and then I got in the bathroom and threw off my black sweater and my black shirt and we looked all over but didn’t see a spider and then Cassi said “yeah, it’s gone. it couldn’t have gone down your pants” but ???? I didn’t check and now I feel like there is a spider in my pants.

Really you should get yourself one of those Banana Republic camisoles–a little pricey but WORTH IT.



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