OMG, love your house!

So I think that I was feeling guilty about spending so much time this summer watching NYC Prep, a reality show on Bravo that followed Upper East-side teens living the Gossip Girl “reality”

(okay whoa, speaking of Gossip Girl–three girls just walked into the cafe looking straight off that set–meaning that summer is over in Iowa City–oh how catty of me! those of you who know know exactly what I meant. Actually these girls look super sweet and have really cute glasses, too. but their hair is teased just a bit too high. there I go again. AHH I blame this on NYC Prep…)

ANYWAY. so I needed some good education reality show to watch. Where to turn where to turn?

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across 1940’s House in the library. GASP! I didn’t even know they made any spinoffs of 1900 House–a show I was in love with when it first aired on PBS when I was in High School. FANFLIPPINGTASTIC–the lessons I have learned from that show have always stayed with me. For example, if your family wants to volunteer for an opportunity to live in a whole other time with fun costumes and new toys such a printing press–DO IT if you are eleven years old. However, if your family wants to volunteer for an opportunity to live in a whole other time where you can’t shower or wear makeup but still have to go to your regular school–DON’T DO IT if you are a teenage girl.

So 1940’s House was just as wonderful! I learned super interesting things such as: a women was fined 10 pounds for feeding old bread to the birds during the war because it was against the law to feed anything to animals that was still consumable by humans.

I haven’t yet reserved Pioneer House/Frontier House, but I will (Steve is super excited about that one. But I’m not so much because their clothes probably won’t be as fun…)

Manor House

Manor House

BUT MANOR HOUSE! OH MANOR HOUSE! Quite possibly one of my favorite reality shows EVER!

This one takes place in almost the same era as 1900 House, but instead of a Middle-class family in London, the BBC got volunteers to be servants and a family to play the British Upper-Class family lording over the servants in an Edwardian Manor House in the English Countryside. OMIGOSH the DRAMA! and such brilliant, subtle drama that was given time to evolve–none of the MTV “lets give them too much alcohol so they jump naked into the hot tub together on the first night” crap (which would have been very non-Edwardian btw. or would it? the show kept referring to King Edward as “the Playboy King”). It is just absolutely fascinating to see how easily the volunteers succumb to their roles. The servants do occasionally revolt, but for the most part they take pride in their work–and surprisingly is how oblivious the upstairs’ family is of that work! The family gets sucked into their life of leisure so quickly and seamlessly (except for the lady’s sister) that it is almost creepy! And of course there is an illicit love story that is just so adorable. so WATCH IT.



3 Responses to “OMG, love your house!”

  1. 1 ngtjill August 24, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Awesome! These shows so really interesting! I watched part of a series on PBS that was kind of like this. But I don’t remember which time period it was.

  2. 2 Abby September 20, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Um, Amber, THANK YOU for posting about these because I just got 1900 House from Netflix and watched the whole thing last night. It is so fascinating! I learned so much!

    My friends came over last night after I’d finished the series and I was all like “And they didn’t have SHAMPOO! And the women had to wear corsets! And the man was the master of the house, so you had to do what he said! And the little boy wouldn’t eat any of the FOOD!”

    And now I’ve got the rest of the series on my queue. 😀

    • 3 ngtamber September 22, 2009 at 12:18 pm

      Yayayayay! Steve and I just started watching Frontier House! They actually have three families all living on the frontier at the same time, and it is so interesting seeing the differences in how they respond to the project (the family from Malibu is complaining about EVERYTHING) and how they work together. One of the families (a father and son) actually have to build their entire home from scratch which kinda blows my mind.

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