Hopefully everyone knows exactly what the title of this post is referencing.  If not here are some other clues:

“Slick Shoes Are You Crazy?”

Chester Copperpot

One-Eyed Willy

The Truffle Shuffle

I am talking about one of the most influential movies of my childhood:  The Goonies.  I used to watch this movie all the time when I was little.  Then I went for a long time without watching it and when I revisited it again, it was like a completely different movie.  I finally got all the jokes that went way over my head as a kid (I lived a rather sheltered life, so all the stuff about sex went right over my head) and I could actually understand some of the stuff that was said when they were all talking at the same time.


If you haven’t already listened to the commentary on the DVD, then you should run out and do it right now.  It is especially awesome because there is a video in the corner the whole time of them recording the commentary.  I wish every movie did that.  It is sad that Sean Astin has to leave partway through, and Corey Feldman does try to make one too many jokes, but it is very worthwhile for anyone who is a fan of the movie.

Well, Luckily I follow Empire Magazine on Twitter and I caught this marvelous video of a Goony reunion.  For the magazine’s 20th anniversary they brought together the cast of the movie along with the director and producer (Richard Donner and Stephen Spielberg).  The video is super cute and makes me think they should all get together once a year and charge admission.  I would totally pay to see them reminisce.

I can’t seem to figure out how to embed the video, but here is the link.  Go there and watch it now!!!

20 Something Years Later

20 Something Years Later

A few thoughts about the video:

All of the guys are so good looking now!  If only Corey Feldman would cut that hair of his (and wash it?).  Data is completely adorable and Chunk looks REAL good all grown up.  I think that Kerri Green is about the most beautiful woman ever and I totally have a girl crush on her.

Anyway, sorry it took me so long to post something…….I just moved back to Iowa!!!!  So hopefully the posts will be coming more frequently in the future.



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