So Many Stars!

Jen wrote recently about an upcoming animated movie, and I’m going to continue the trend.  You’ve probably seen previews for Aliens vs. Monsters, the 3-D DreamsWorks movie that comes out Friday.  I’m not a huge fan of DreamsWorks, and although I’m a Stephen Colbert fan, I wasn’t that excited about it.  …UNTIL I imdb-ed (um, yes, you can use it as a verb) Will Arnett the other day.  I had no idea how many big name movie stars are in it!  Besides Stephen Colbert and Seth Rogen, who I could tell were in it from the previews I’ve seen on tv, and Will Arnett who I discovered yesterday, here’s who else is in it:  Rainn Wilson(!), Paul Rudd (love him), Amy Poehler (love her), John Krasinski (!!), Ed Helms (Andy!), Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth!), Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Kiefer Sutherland, and Renee Zellweger.  Is that ridiculous or what?!  Now I really want to go see it!  Anyone else up for it?

P.S.  I’d try to embed a movie trailer, but my internet is not being very friendly today.  Sorry!  Here’s the link of one on youtube instead:


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