Not even Britney would have worn that dress

It has almost been a week, and I think I’m just now getting to the point where the pain has lessened enough that I can talk about it. Did you watch the 2009 Miss America Pageant? If you didn’t, no worries–I twittered the whole thing. Also, no worries because IT SUCKED. well, actually it was amazingly awesome until they announced the winner. It was Miss Indiana:

Miss Indiana being crowned Miss America 2009.

Miss Indiana being crowned Miss America 2009.

that dress. THAT DRESS. I almost cried I was so upset that that dress is the current symbol of America.

So I feel really catty—who cares what she was wearing, right?—because I do like Miss Indiana. In fact, she almost made my list of I’m-rooting-for-you-despite-you-not-being-Miss-Iowa that I developed after watching TLC’s Countdown to the Crown. My favorites going in on Saturday were Miss Oklahoma and Miss South Dakota—Miss Oklahoma because she was such a real girl—a Princess Mia type—but I didn’t think she would win. And I was right, she didn’t even make top 15.

Miss Oklahoma!

Miss Oklahoma!

Now I thought Miss South Dakota would make runner-up at least (I was pretty positive Miss Georgia would win)—but she was out after swimsuit. Which was an outrage btw considering she totally rocked her tallness. And I was always rooting for Miss Iowa, of course, but then she completely won me over as the competition went on!—She had the second best dress, the best talent (TAP DANCING!), and a pretty solid interview question.

Miss Iowa giving some Tap lessons.

Miss Iowa giving some Tap lessons.

The only thing that was questionable about Miss Iowa was that she seemed to have her bikini a bit toooo high-cut to be flattering (I tried forever to find a pic of this, but I couldn’t! weird, I figured Miss America pics would be all over the interweb by now), but all the girls did. The designated swimsuits were ick! Couldn’t we get some glam pinup girl style in the ring? —but early 90’s style seemed to be what the judges wanted because how else could have Miss Indiana had won with that dress on? Seriously, I am all for lace. but that was white, off the shoulder, long-sleeves, asymmetrical mini, see-through full-length, long slit, crazy lace. Not even Britney would wear that outfit. She knows how to break them up:

Black Lace. Asymmetrical mini. and white. This is how you make them look hot.

See-through Lace. Asymmetrical mini. and white. This is how you make them look hot.

Sigh, I’m just mad because Miss Iowa was so close! And this is the second year I feel the Miss America judges have not been watching the same show as me (and I suppose they weren’t–I didn’t see preliminaries…) Remember last year??!! That was just not right. I’m still holding a candle for you, Miss Wisconsin!

Miss Indiana seems very smart, independent and fabulous–She’ll make an awesome Miss America. And if she likes the dress, then “wear it like its hot, girl.”

Best part of pageant? Clinton Kelly telling a bunch of Little Misses “I hope puberty is kind to you.”



1 Response to “Not even Britney would have worn that dress”

  1. 1 Jill January 29, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Wow, it’s like she tried to be Britney so much she overdid it by combining those three dresses! I totally agree with you about it. I think it looks like it belongs in a bad Vegas wedding.

    Thanks for twittering the whole thing! I didn’t watch it all, and then I didn’t have to. 🙂

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