I Just Had To Share

Hey guys,

So I was just over at youtube, and I saw this pop up at the side of a video I was watching.  Wondering what this was all about I took a peek and almost died from trying not to bust a gut.  Apparently a new Twilight TV promo was aired a couple of days ago during Gossip Girl (which, sadly I do not watch, but I think because I have read most of the books, the TV show does not hold me so well).  I didn’t watch the promo…or did I and I just didn’t realize I did (very possible)…and apparently we see Kristen Stewart in her underpants.  Everyone seems to think this is a huge deal.  Not because we see her underpants, but because the angle it was shot with made Kristen’s rear end look really big (I didn’t think it was that bad though).  Bad camera angles are just out to get us.  Earlier today I saw a picture taken of me during Halloween and my legs looked freakin’ huge.  My legs are not huge like that.  I blame it on the camera angle, as I have been working out pretty diligently for a while and refuse to believe I look that bad in real life. 

But anyways, I thought I’d share the video, not because I want you all to cringe at the panty shot, but because whoever made this video did a REALLY GOOD JOB!  I thought it was brilliant how they included shots from HP5.  Enjoy!

<3, lindsayF


1 Response to “I Just Had To Share”

  1. 1 Andrea November 17, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    that’s sad that people think her ass is big. she’s like what, a size 2?! if that big?! jeebus. if her ass is big, i’m got some major ba-dunk-a-dunk workin. i think what’s horrible about her being in her panties for that shot is that the bella from twilight would never have been in just her underwear around edward. as of this comment, i have yet to read past new moon, so i can’t comment as to how things change, but in twilight, she wore baggy, holey sweats and a t-shirt. but i digress. i don’t even think it was a bad camera angle, or anything like that. i think this just goes to show how obssessed our society is with looking like a toothpick in order to be pretty. rock on, kristen!

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