What Lindsay’s been up to …

Hey guys,

It’s Lindsay.  I don’t even remember the last time I posted.  So what have I been up to?  Well, lots.  Last week I was down in Mexico Beach, Florida with my new-ish inlaws.  We went to the beach, we collected lots of shells (like, WHOLE, UNBROKEN shells!), we sat on the beach, we got pummeled by the waves (which were super rough, probably due to the tropical storm over by Texas), we snorkeled in the bay, and I even went on a short fishing trip with the guys and caught a 25″ sea trout that I named Cougar (don’t worry readers – I neither touched nor ate him, though other people did).  And I slathered on SPF 60 every day before going out in the sun, and I still managed to get a little burnt.  

Besides that, I’ve been job-searching (nothing new there), reading a ton of awesome YA books (again, nothing new there), and held out for almost a week on reading Breaking Dawn (I read it on the Friday after it came out, so I held out for 6 days).  OMG It was SOOOOOO good!!  I’ve heard that other people hated the book, but I just don’t understand how they could!!  I mean, I got pretty much everything I wanted!  Plus more!  And Stephenie Meyer tied everything off so cleanly that I don’t even think I have any questions left!  What are your thoughts?  I know Jen loved it, but have yet to talk to her about it (co-NGT/B’ers Amber and Jen, and frequent commenter Jill, are in Chicago at Terminus, and got to see Stephenie Meyer!  I am sooo jealous!).  I can’t wait!  

Hmm, in other news, I’m sure we’re all aware that the Olympics have begun.  Did you see that opening ceremony?!  Wow!  The Chinese really went all out and further.  I don’t think anyone could find any fault with the performances – I know I was amazed pretty much every single second!  And then that basketball game between China and USA – again, amazing!  And then last night that 400 M relay with Team USA just edging Team France out for the gold (and shattering the world record BTW!) after the French team had said that they were there to smash the Americans!  That was just beyond awesome.  I hope you all saw it.  Or if not, I hope you all go and watch a replay.  It just made you want to scream!  On a slightly bad note, the woman’s gymnastics team did not get of to such a great start.  It wasn’t terrible, but they did finish second to China in the qualifying round.  It was so sad because Chellsie Memmel (I’m not going to look up correct spellings for anyone, so bear with me) only got to do the uneven bars, as well as Sam Preczek, who injured her ankle in between practice and the qualifying rounds, so she was only able to compete on uneven bars also.  So sad.  I wish both of them would have been able to compete on everything – especially Chellsie Memmel…but maybe she’ll still be around for 2012?  I hope so.  I like her.  Of course Shawn Johnson was my highlight of the gymnastics last night…she’s just so small and cute and she’s always smiling!  How could you not love her?  Well, actually I’ve seen a lot of hate towards her on the web, and all I have to say to that is – she’s 16!  Good grief give the girl a break.  And who cares if she has a boyfriend, or might dress inappropriately at times?  Have we not all done the same thing?  I know people think that I’m a great role model because I dress conservatively, love school, read a lot, and try to be nice as much as possible.  But I’ve done a few things parents wouldn’t want their kids doing.  But guess what, pretty much all of us have done a few things we wouldn’t want out in the open.  All right, I’m done defending Shawn.  But seriously, can’t we all just love her for being as good as she is?!  

Well, that’s all for now – I’m off to return materials to the library, check out True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet by Lola Douglas, and then go see what it takes to get a Tennessee driver’s license.  




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