Submit your ideas…and stuff!

Hola chums,

Howdy from the land of country music and my current and ongoing unemployment.  You know, job searching really sucks when all the advertisements for the kind of job you’re looking for require you to either have a PhD or 5-10 years of experience in industry.  It’s like no one wants to hire new graduates.  Bah.  I also really hate how I’ve emailed like 5 different people to look at my resume for me on Sunday, but no one has replied with even a little email saying they’ll get to it later.  Well, I hate that I feel left waiting, I don’t hate the people – I know that they are super busy and aren’t obligated to do me any favors.  Anyhow – so for the past few weeks now, I have spent my days sleeping in, job searching, rewriting my resume, reading YA books like it’s my job, watching Daria episodes on Youtube, and not showering until 5 in the afternoon (…it’s almost 5, so I’ll be quick about this post).  

Today I decided that it would be fun for me to take a minute or two out of my super exciting day every now and then to do a new NGB post, where instead of writing, I discuss something and record it, then put it up on the blog…so like a vlog, I think is what they call them?  Ugh, do you remember when us 20-somethings were considered technologically advanced?  Yeah, I don’t think I am so much anymore – I’m sure any 12 year old could do way better with computers and the interweb and all that junk than me.  I spent 5 minutes this morning looking through my cell phone manual to figure out what an icon meant, only to figure out that it meant I had missed a call.  Wow.  But anyways, this is where you all come in.  For this vlog/blog post, I would like to talk about something that might actually interest you, the readers, instead of something that probably only me (and Amber and Jen, hopefully) would think is entertaining.  So submit your ideas in the comments!  Hopefully I’ll actually get some feedback.  So far my ideas include: commentaries on weird news, discussing Twilight stuff…trying to talk like a southerner (which in my opinion, I am starting to soak up a little bit), whatever book I’m currently reading…  you know..stuff like that.

So let me know your opinions kids!  (Don’t be offended by me calling you kids, I call everyone a kid – case in point, when I worked in a lab, I called all the graduate students my grad kids…but then I think in that case it sounded funnier than it would have anywhere else).

<3, lindsayF


1 Response to “Submit your ideas…and stuff!”

  1. 1 Jill July 24, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    I like all of your ideas. Especially the one about the books you’re reading since you go through books faster than I can even add them to my “to-read” list!

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