Legos Galore!!!

This weekend was a huge weekend for me professionally speaking. I was responsible for bringing the Northern Illinois Lego Train Club to our library. I have been talking with the president of the club for months and this weekend it finally happened. There were a few little hiccups along the way, but mostly it was amazing, perfect, wonderful, and really really awesome.

These guys came and set up for 8 hours on Friday and then displayed their stuff all day Saturday and Sunday. We had over 1500 people come to see it!!!! Everyone was raving about how great everything was. There was a huge Chicago display, a Harry Potter display, Indiana Jones, Futurama, Star Wars, just to name a few. Here are some pics to give you a taste of what it looked like:

If you look really close you can see Superman on top of the Sears Tower. The best thing about the display was all of the little characters that would pop up in normal scenes. There were Storm Troopers everywhere, and occasionally you would see Hagrid hanging out at a pizza place. It was a such a great weekend, but I am so exhausted now.

There are some more pictures posted at my flickr account here.

My camera batteries died before I got to the Harry Potter display, but I am going to upload some pictures from the library camera soon, so there will be more coming.


Update:  I put up the rest of the pics!!!


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