Pedialyte is not just for children

Howdy folks,

It’s been quite a while since my last post.  I loved the posts before me about Jen’s cat stroller and Everwood.  I remember Everwood – I watched the first season but then after that I became disinterested because Amy turned into kind of a bitch (or at least I think she did…forgive me, it’s been a few years).  And then I remember Ephraim was going to sleep with their housekeeper or something like that, and I was all like, OK, if it’s not Amy and Ephraim than it’s nothing.  Maybe I need to give it another shot though.  Ugh.  I have been holed up in my apartment down here in Nashville for the past few days suffering from terrible stomach problems.  I’m not going to say what all the problems are, but I think you’re all old enough to figure this one out.  Anyways, on Monday night we said enough is enough and ventured out to our local Kroeger’s (is this a national food store?  I think I might remember a Kroeger’s being in the Quad Cities but I know that area is more dominated by HyVee.  Anyway, we ventured to the Kroeger and bought some soup and yogurts and stuff like that, and we also got some Pedialyte.  I remember Amber saying she got some when she had the flu (oh boy was that a horrible time…for me!….hahahaha, no it was worse for Amber – she was the one throwing up for almost 24 hours straight…I got of lucky), but that since she was an adult her mom got her the unflavored kind.  So thanks to Amber, I got the grape flavor.  Let me say that it is mighty tasty and made me feel almost instantly better (quick fix though).  

So anyways, the Pedialyte.  The grape flavor was delicious.  The orange flavor wasn’t bad, but it smelled like medicine, so it is by far inferior to the grape.  Also, we got the Kroeger brand of the grape flavor and it tastes exactly the same and is $3 cheaper than the Pedialyte brand.  So if ever you guys get the flu or anything else where you need to stay hydrated, I highly recommend Pedialyte or Kroeger “pedialyte”, but only in the grape flavor.  Unless you get off on the medicine smell, then I recommend you try orange.

In other news, last week Amber went to California for a librarian conference, and brought me books!  I finally got around to reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (not my favorite book, but not a bad one either), and I started reading a book called Chessie Bligh and the Scrolls of Andelthor by Thora something, but I do not like it yet, so until I finish the book I will reserve total judgement.  I read Sarah Prineas’s new children’s book, The Magic Thief (for those of you Iowa readers, I hope you might recognize Sarah’s name, as she was/(maybe is still?) the university’s honors program coordinator.  I got dropped from the program after freshman year (hahahahaha, but I still used their building for free hot chocolate and popcorn), but I always will remember the name Prineas because I think she sent out like an email a day, plus then her husband is the head of a physics lab that’s in the IATL and his office is right next to my friend Josh’s, so whenever I visited Josh (which varied from once to five times a day, depending on how bored or mischievous I was feeling) I would have to see his door.  I think I almost stopped reading her book after like 3 chapters because I really didn’t like it, but then I powered through because Amber encouraged me (yay Amber!) and I ended up loving it.  I even went and bought a copy of the book for myself (because I had to give Amber hers back).  So everyone go out and read The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas!  Yeah!  Amber also gave me a book called The 13th Reality by James Dashner, which I totally loved!  And I also started Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper, which is OK right now.  Have you ever noticed in all those older books that there are always housekeepers or cooks?  Or am I off base here?  

Anyways, I have some ice cream calling my name.  That’ll feel nice in my belly.

<3s to y’all,



1 Response to “Pedialyte is not just for children”

  1. 1 ngtjennifer July 14, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    I am glad that you are feeling better. I will remember the advice about Pedialyte.

    I agree that Amy was not very nice in season 2 and Ephram went a little crazy too, but neither one of them was my favorite character so I was okay with that. I actually love Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott the best. Whenever they interact I am always on the floor laughing.

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