My Apologies to you, Dear Readers

If you haven’t noticed,  I took a little vacation from the blog.  I know, I know, you all missed me terribly.

Man, I wish I had something interesting to talk about now.  These past few weeks have been dedicated to making sure I passed my classes so that I could legitimately graduate.  And now that I’ve done that, I’m feeling pretty dang good.  I had my last final exam yesterday morning – organic chemistry lab…yuck!  I know, right!!  Seriously though – who even needs organic chemistry…besides organic chemists (which I will not be!)  Anyhoo, I could barely do anything after that test I was so nervous!  So I bought myself a book – The Mysterious Benedict Society (I think), and I’m pretty hooked.  If I didn’t have things I needed to get done today I totally would be engrossed in it still.  I love puzzles and I love reading about kids who also love puzzles, but are way better at them than me.

In other news, the wedding countdown is at 10 days now.  I don’t feel mature enough to be getting married sometimes…  Like yesterday – I played a game called IATL ball (sounds like i-ate-ul ball) that involved hitting empty pop cans with a PVC pipe and then running around trees to score points.  There were only 3 of us playing so that made it kind of hard since we were all constantly running – it made me super duper tired afterwards….I was also victory drunk.  And then every day I put some yarn up in the stair well just to confuse people…trust me, it works.  If I get caught, I’m going to claim that it relieves my stress and keeps me from going all insane like on everyone.  That should work, right?

In other, other news – did you all watch America’s Next Top Model last night?  Spoiler alert – Whitney won!  This makes her the first “full figured” model to win a cycle and I think that’s pretty awesome.  Whitney’s been my favorite ever since that whole spat she had with Dominique way back in the day when Dominique called Whitney a racist.  I think Whitney’s my favorite because I disliked Dominique soooooo much that I liked anyone who she didn’t like.  But then again, I didn’t really like Claire…she was too much of a know it all.  And I liked Lauren until she unleashed her potty mouth (OK, I still like her, but it was always obvious that she was just too grungy to be the next “top model”).  I was shocked though, because Anya was almost always the first girl put through to the next round at elimination, and at panel they talked about how high fashion she was and all that jazz.  But I don’t feel too bad for Anya – she got like $10 grand from 7-UP and will probably get lots of work from here on out.  I just hope none of these girls show up on The Surreal Life in a couple of years.

Well, that’s all for now – I’m super hungry and the IMU is calling me with its selection of soups…I hope they have creamy potato today!!

<3, lindsayd.


1 Response to “My Apologies to you, Dear Readers”

  1. 1 ngtjennifer May 15, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    I am so glad you passed!!! The Mysterious Benedict Society is PHENOMENAL!!!! I loved it so much, but I was too dumb to solve any of the puzzles. The sequel just came out and I have it checked out right now!!!

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