Lovely & Trippy

So after spending 8 hours entering data into a spreadsheet (to then be put into a database, awesome I know) and watching the first half of Season 2 of Veronica Mars (Ms. Badass Supreme), I decided to delay going to bed to read by just a half second more because I HAD to change my facebook status. And then fate stepped in. Although I used to check Mental Floss daily (I used to have a job with random spurts of downtime), I hadn’t been there in probably a month. But today, as I changed my facebook status for the third or fourth time, I was all “ooh, lets do some flossing!” THANK YOU, RELIGIOUS FIGURE! For there on the top of the blog was an entry that contained this video. So cool.

Chyeah, you see what I mean. I’d be starry-eyed all over it even if I wasn’t a Beatles Fangirl. One sec though–I thought the Walrus was Paul. haha, anyway. Gosh, I wish I could create art like that. or that I could have interviewed John Lennon when I was 14. No way I could have kept my composure like that kid; I would have been all “wow, um, dude, hold on…….do you like Harry Potter?” I bet John Lennon is a huge HP fanboy up in Heaven.

while I’m sticking videos on here, here is one of my favorites–the video made for Free as a Bird during all the Anthology Hub-bub. So beautiful. Makes me very nostalgic for a time that I was born 20 years after.

I suggest you google Free as a Bird the video to find a site that breaks the video down frame by frame so you can actually see all that is in it. I love Paul’s dog Martha running through the park–what a cool guy to write such a sweet song for his dog (“Martha, my dear” from the white album). While you are googling stuff you should look for a site that has all the Paul is Dead clues–completely fascinating. Wow. I have totally flash-backed to my seventh grade self; it has been awhile since I have revisited all these things.

And while I am cooing over the Brits–check out our friend Rooney’s blog @ ! Hurrah for blog friends!



1 Response to “Lovely & Trippy”

  1. 1 rooneyreverb April 23, 2008 at 6:29 am

    Huzzah! I got mentioned in another blog! Amber, you’ve made my day!

    Although I get the impression you’re a McCartney fan… Oh well, we all have our crosses to bear 😉


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