Tales of a Friday night with a bunch of chemical engineers…

On Friday night I went out downtown for the first time this semester.  I ingested my first alcohol of 2008 on Friday night (don’t worry, I’ll be 23 in June, so yes, I am of legal age to be doing such things).  One of the best things that happened on Friday night (besides getting tipsily happy), was when my chemE boys plugged the juke box at Old Capital Brewery.  There were some pretty good songs that they had going, but then came this special gem.  You can relive it right below.

My super geeky and good friend CMill picked this one, and it was probably the best song that played in the bar that entire night…nay, that entire week, at least.  I stole CMill’s sunglasses (who takes sunglasses out to the bar at 11:00 in the night time??….who’s even UP at that time of night!!) and began to dance (I even pulled out the SoM dance…aka States of Matter dance) with another super awesome chemE, Alex.  I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was drunk (memo: I was not even tipsy then…I wasn’t tipsy until the next bar) because I tend to dance like a super uncoordinated spaz.  But are you resisting dancing to this song as we speak (play it now and try…I bet you’ve failed not to bop around to it)….it’s magic.

But as for the video…seriously – they should make more videos like it now a days.  I’d really like to see a JT video like it…in fact, I’d be willing to make it for him as long as I could insert myself into it.  But that’s all for now – I vowed to myself that I’d leave the engineering computer lab by 8:00, but I also vowed to myself that I’d get my lab report done before I left…so that doesn’t leave me much time to complete my mission.

<3, lindsayd.


2 Responses to “Tales of a Friday night with a bunch of chemical engineers…”

  1. 1 Jobonga April 15, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    I love this song. It makes me do train wheel motions with my arms. I can’t help it. I’ve also been accused of being drunk because of how I dance.

  2. 2 Jill April 16, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    Ah, this song was on The Office!

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