Twilight has left me frazzled

So me being a future librarian and Lindsay being a crazy fast reader means that I’m constantly urging her to read this or that–basically using her as a test case for how good my reader advisory skills are. Well, everyone I know (well everyone I know who reads YA fiction) has been telling us to read Twilight for the past year or so–Jenn and Sarah being the most vocal. I was eager to get to it and put it at the top of my list–which only means that I picked up up every time I went to the bookstore and felt immense tempt to purchase it, but knowing that it would sit on my bookshelf for a looooong time because there are ALOT of books at the top of my list. I was always baffled though why Lindsay had not read the series yet–she is the fastest reader I know, and being an engineering student with lots lots and lots of homework but little reading, meant that most of her reading was fun reading. She just never seemed interested–readers can be very fickle. I know, I am. Or maybe it just wasn’t time yet–it seems like books can sense when it is their time to be loved. Well, for Lindsay, the Twilight time has come. for sure. Which I’m sure all our faithful readers could tell from her last several posts. And that means I and Lindsay are going to go crazy for awhile. Why? because although Lindsay is already on her re-reads of the series, I just finished Twilight last night (at around 1am) and will probably not get to the rest of the series until summer.

I can hear several of you gasping–“Omg, how can she wait that long to read the next one????!!!!” well for two reasons:

1. being a library student means I have a lot of reading to do already and am lucky to get one free-reading book in per month (I’m very very slow. and I like TV. and the internet.)

and this second reason pains me

2. I don’t really feel the urge to. there, I said it. I’m soooo not obsessed with Twilight after reading it. I loved it–absolutely, positively loved it. I couldn’t put it down–my heart panged and stung and beat really really hard. I was scared out of my mind to take my eyes off the last hundred pages because I was sure to see the vampire James sitting calmly across the room from me (it was very very late at night). But…sigh, I felt very little emotion when I finished–

All of my favorite books I ever read have haunted me afterwards–have left me feeling like I was not the same–like I had experienced something. Basically, I’m immediately a little shaken and crazy for a bit which subsides but then a little part of me always holds on to that feeling. My gosh, after reading the seventh Harry Potter I was an emotional wreck for weeks. I’m still so shaken by that book that I have yet to feel ready yet to reopen it. After reading “The Golden Compass” I swear I can feel a little fox daemon wrapped cozily around my heart. “I Capture the Castle”–my favoritest book ever– makes my heart race just thinking about it. I knew who I was after reading that book.

So I was very disappointed when, after finishing “Twilight,” I made an easy return to reality. Yes, I was very shaken and my heart felt frazzled and I tossed and turned before going to bed–but I felt like the book stirred me up and then left, just left! leaving my heart very confused on what was going on. So confused that I felt an intense need to read “I Capture the Castle” (and not “New Moon” the sequel to “Twilight” weird) in order to get my heart all confused and tortured and thrilled for the good long time it was expecting.

soooo boooo! I wanted to be all obsessed with Edward and Bella, too–like the rest of the world. And although I am very interested, I feel like I’m interested in the way I’m interested in Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson’s relationship. . . Maybe I’m just too distracted right now. Maybe it just wasn’t my time. I’m sure the obsession will come, right? golly.



2 Responses to “Twilight has left me frazzled”

  1. 1 ngtlindsay March 24, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    It’s cool – maybe you are just too distracted. Even though you may not be all obsessed like the rest of us, it’s OK, we still love you.

  2. 2 Jill April 11, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    I agree with you, Amber. I just finished, and I loved the last hundred pages or so, when the really exciting things started happening, but up until that, I was not enthralled. I think the buildup was too long for me. I’m not opposed to huge books with lots of description (ahem, HP), but this one just didn’t do it for me. Until I got to the part about James. The sneak peak at New Moon makes me want to read it but not necessarily immediately. I am looking forward to the movie though. I’m hoping that will help me fall in love with the series more.

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