For the Twilight fans… if you ever plan to read Twilight, maybe you shouldn’t read this post! You have been warned.

Howdy folks, (I’m totally trying to get ready for the big move down south)

So I have really been trying to do my homework (I swear!), but I just can’t stop thinking about the Twilight saga.  I talked to Jen earlier today for like…an hour?…about the books and I still can’t stop thinking about them.  Because of this, I decided to post about it.  Why do I like the books?  Well, I like them because it sucks me into the story, I can’t stop thinking about it after I’ve finished reading, and it dredges up some powerful crazy strong emotions in me.  Have you read it?  Why do you like (or dislike if you will) the books?  (Hint hint, comments)  Stephenie Meyer has created this world of Forks, Washington that has vampires and werewolves running around, and you know what?  I totally believe that it could be true.  Does this mean I completely want to move to the Olympic Penninsula and find some good vampire of my own?  Totally.  Will I?  No – I have to complete school and then marry HWSNBNITB and move to Tennessee….and eventually have super cute children (Henry and Eloise and Danielle) who love reading, school, and maybe one or two sports….I shouldn’t have thrown that last part in, but hey – it’s my post and I can do whatever I want.

But what if I/you was 5 years younger (aka 17 years old), and I had just moved to Washington, and I met this guy, who was so completely perfect, who entranced me so that I fell irreversibly in love with him…and then I found out he was a vampire – but wait! he’s a good vampire who doesn’t drink human blood (even though he really wants to drink mine because I smell soooooo good).  Would I/you date him?  My answer is of course.  Would I/you marry him?  My answer is of course!  Would I give up mortality and become a vampire to be with him for all eternity?  My answer – well, I’m not sure yet… I can understand the appeal – I would stay the same age as my vampire love of my life and be with him until I was destroyed by who knows what, but then I might possibly be damned to eternal hell.  Most people would probably see this as a no-brainer (don’t become a vampire and possibly damn yourself).  But as we all know from Harry Potter – love is a potent and powerful thing.  It sometimes (or most always) cancels out our more logical brains and does what it wants regardless of consequences.  I think in the case that I would be on the good vampire side, I would probably opt to become one so I could forever be with my vampire love of my life.  …and I also have to admit that having eternity to learn whatever I want is quite appealing.

Next question – you are a vampire – what do you do with your time? (cause you don’t sleep, duh).  First – I would learn (and master) every kind of math there was.  Then after that I would really like to learn how to play the cello and bass (well), and then I would practice my piano until I was wicked awesome.  I would like to learn how to dance, but I would probably naturally know how once I was a vampire because I would be more graceful than any ballerina on earth.  After the first things, I would learn how to invest wisely and how to use the stock market to my advantage – that way I could amass a lot of money, and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, and I’d probably donate to charity or start up some foundation of my own.  After those things, I’d probably start making my rounds through all the other musical instruments there were and master those.  Then I’d start studying other subjects, maybe get a couple of PhD’s.  I’d travel a lot, skydive, cliffdive – basically do anything that I was afraid to do in my human life.  Maybe I’d learn to paint well.  And then after all that maybe I’d try to go plant trees around the world.  Oooh, and I’d be an actress for a while – then fake my death, and then after a couple of decades, I’d be an actress again….that could cycle for a while.  What would you do?

Ugh – I’m still going to be thinking about the books after this post – I can’t wait until the movie comes out later this year.  I’ve been looking at some new photos from the set and I’m really starting to like the Edward and Bella cast (Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson)…they really got the physical appearances right…I’m just hoping that the actors will do a good job portraying the characters aptly enough…which I think that they will do.  Excited!

Well, I’ve written enough now, I’m sure.  I’m going to try and focus again on my homework, and if that doesn’t work I think I’ll be forced to pick up New Moon and start the reread (I just finished the reread of Twilight yesterday and have been fighting mighty hard to keep my paws off of New Moon).


lindsayd 😉


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  1. 1 me January 6, 2009 at 11:34 am

    twilight rules!!!!

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