Fictional Characters I Would Date: Part Two

I have decided to go for a more obscure character this time around:

Mr. Palmer from Sense and Sensibility

Now I must admit that I have not read the actual book yet (I know, I know, for shame), so this is Mr. Palmer from the 1995 movie version who is played by the incomparable Hugh Laurie.

He isn’t in the movie for all that many scenes, but he manages to be hilarious every single second he is on screen.  He is married to Charlotte (Mrs. Jenning’s daughter) who is the most talkative, shrill, annoying woman on the planet (played brillinatly by Professor Umbridge herself, Imelda Staunton).  Every single word Mr. Palmer utters is dripping with sarcasm and his facial expressions are absolutely priceless.  Poor Mr. Palmer married Charlotte for her money and now he is paying for it dearly.

Now if he were married to me, he could roll his eyes all he wanted as long as he spoke in that amazing voice and sat there and looked pretty.  And look pretty he does with those piercing baby blues and soft brown curls…………oh swoon!  I partially chose him because he is a man of few words who could make me laugh even if it was at myself.  But at the end of the movie, when Marianne’s life is in danger, he is kind to Elinor and genuinely concerned.  So underneath his gruff demeanor beats a little heart of gold.

Sense and Sensibility is one of my all-time favorite movies and he is by far the best thing about it.  And we also have something in common…………………I too, look like this when I am holding a baby:

I tried to find a good video clip, but alas, came up short.  You will have to settle for this teeny tiny nugget of sexiness that only touches on the subtlety and grace that is Mr. Palmer.


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