What I do not <3.

I just have to say that I am pretty good at attending all of my classes.  Except for Organic Chemistry Lab Lecture.  It is at 11:30 on Friday afternoon, and as of today I have attended a grand total of 2 lectures (today’s and the first one).  Of course everyone attends the first lecture of any class (usually), so I shouldn’t really get any points for that one.  The problem with this class is mainly that it is at 11:30.  I get done with class or lab at 11:20 Monday through Thursday, and then I go eat lunch right away.  I get hungry at like 11:10 every day.  I think I don’t really have to say anything more – you all can probably figure this one out.

But today I went because I was supposed to meet up with my lab partner and exchange some GC data from like 2 weeks ago.  She was the one who emailed me last night and said that we should meet up at lecture.  Not me.  I would have preferred to just meet in dark alley at like 2 a.m. rather than at lecture but whatever. And guess what I do not <3.  She didn’t show up.  So I went to lecture and starved to death while being pummeled to death by boredom for NOTHING.  Actually that is not true because halfway through the lecture I stuck my headphones back in my ears and listened to Goblet of Fire (just after the Yule Ball where Ron and Hermione fight!).  So then I called her after lecture and she didn’t answer.  Ugh.  I so do not ❤ this.

<3, lindsayd.


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