Love International-style

Hooray, it is International Beatles Appreciation Day! I just re-read the facebook invite that I got to this world-wide celebration, and oops, I was supposed to wear symbols of peace today. I am instead wearing a shirt that says “The Hitman Camaro” which ain’t exactly all love and peaceful (I don’t actually know what it means; I bought it at goodwill like 7 years ago, so maybe it means peace in an ironic way). Anyway, I totally love these special bring-people together days, but I never feel like I really am participating. I’ve been running around frantically all day trying to finish things that needed to be done today (and that I had plenty of time to do, but I often choose to spend my time blogging or watching Project Runway) so I haven’t even listened to or thought about a single Beatles song today. Now that I’m sitting in databases class, I’ve got the time to daydream 😉 and I wrote out a little timeline of all the important Beatles moments in my life:

May 2, 1997- watched “A Hard Day’s Night” for the first time (which I had taped off AMC months before out of curiosity) and became an instant super-obsessed preteen fangirl. I stole all my older brother cds, read everything I could find at the library (and actually had them order the newest Paul McCartney bio for me), joined the Paul McCartney Fun Club, checked AbbeyRd’s news webpage everyday, and was always drawing a flaming pie on the back of my hand.

Fall 1998- had a brief email correspondence with James L. McCartney–I know, right?! this was back in the day when you could find anyone’s email address online. Some people may still humbug this, but I totally believe it was him! and if not, then he was a very nice person who went out of their way to make my day, so that is cool, too.

August 1999- my parents took me to Beatlefest Chicago–totally awesome.  This is where I learned what the word “fandom” meant.

October 2002- my parents took me to a Paul McCartney concert–totally awesome.

March 2003- while on a band trip in Florida, I ran up and touched the handle on the door to Magical Mystery Tourbus that sits in front of the Hard Rock–meaning I have touched something that the Beatles touched–meaning I have had contact with the Beatles.

I’m sure that was the boringest timeline ever to someone who, you know, actually lived through Beatlemania 😉

Now, as I look at my timeline, I am sad that there are no recent dates; I seem to have neglected my search for new Beatles memories.  I am horrified to have realized that my ten-year Beatlesfan anniversary came and went without my acknowledgment of it–possibly due to the building Harry Potter excitement.  I used to watch “A Hard Day’s Night” every May 2, but I don’t think I’ve even done that for about four years.  Geez.  This really is sad.  I will definitely watch AHDN tonight; I will prolly have to kick Lindsay off the TV, but I’ll do it–It’s for the Beatles.   And I will have a Help! soundtrack dance party in my bedroom before I go to sleep.

amber j.
proud Beatles fangirl since 1997


3 Responses to “Love International-style”

  1. 1 abbeyrdwebmaster February 21, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    Hi Amber: I love “A Hard Day’s Night,” too. Especially the train sequence at the beginning. I remember seeing it in the theater the second day it was out. We had specially printed tickets. We couldn’t hear some of the dialog because girls in the theater were screaming every time Paul came on the screen, especially during “And I Love Her.” Those were fun days. They still are. Keep the fire burning.
    Abbeyrd’s Beatles Page

  2. 2 Megan April 20, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Wow.I been a beatle fangirl since…….June 22 16th birthday.

  1. 1 AbbeyRd is the most fabulous Beatles site ever!!! « NerdGirlBlogging Trackback on February 22, 2008 at 10:06 am

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