A spicy taste of what’s to come

Be prepared, nerdy folks. I predict that after tomorrow this blog will be overrun with Spice Girls posts. Why? thank you for asking: BECAUSE LINDSAY AND I (AND OUR BFF SHEILA) ARE SEEING A SPICE GIRLS CONCERT TOMORROW!!!! I have dreaming of this moment since I , wide-eyed and squeeful (although squeeful wasn’t yet a word in my vocabulary since this was about three years before I became a Harry Potter and like ten years before I began to listen to Pottercast), first watched what I considered one of the best music videos of our age–“Wannabe.” Oh what colorful outfits! what backflips! what laughter! what climbing over the laps of rich, British upper-class! Even better, I think the first time I saw the video was on Vh1’s Pop Up video (best show EVER)–I don’t think I was allowed to watch Mtv yet in sixth grade, only Vh1???–but now that I think about it: I’m not sure my parents ever told me not to watch Mtv–that was a rule I placed upon myself–hmmm nice to know I am ridiculously obedient and follow even the unsaid rules. Anyway, I must have decided that I was mature enough in 7th grade because that is when I became addicted to TRL, or Mtv Live for those who remember.

Anyways, I, like many other girls, decided I WAS a Spice Girl. However which one changed from day to day–today I am Baby Spice, however usually I am Ginger Spice or Scary Spice–for the 6th grade talent show I was Sporty Spice because I had an orange halter swimsuit top. Wonder if that would fly in an elementary school today? Ha, and I remember when we first told our sixth grade teacher that we wanted to be the Spice Girls–she gave us a really weird look thinking we meant the girls off the SPICE channel. ooooh memories.



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