Amber isn’t a Liar, and I am a Front Row Floozie most of the time.

I’ll talk about the video Amber put up Friday morning now, that way she won’t be a liar.  The video is already down now, but if you want it back up, I’m sure we can pressure Amber in the comments.  I don’t really have anything to post about right now.  I’m just killing time before my 10:30 class.  I’d hate to show up early and then sit there like a geek…no, I like to come in at the last second and be all like “I had better things to do…now let me sit down in the front row.”  I am just now reminded of high school and how we put labels on the rows of desks (and the girls who sat in them).  They are as follows: Front Row Floozie, Second Row Slut, Third Row Tramp.  I might have gotten Front and Forth rows mixed up though, but as I cannot remember what the other “F” term was (and no, we didn’t use the word that rhymes with trucker), I will stick with the first 3 rows.  I’m pretty much a consistent Front Row Floozie, but sometimes I like to be a Second Row Slut.  Very rarely do I like to be a Third Row Tramp.  Oho, I remember now – we didn’t say 4th row.  Because there were only 4 rows, we called the 4th Row the Back Row.  Therefore the Back Row Bitch.  There is one class that I am always a Back Row Bitch, but we never take any notes in it, and I like to think that it’s kind of a feel good class…even though it is my only engineering course (Sustainable Systems…no tests, only assignments and a project…but we always end up talking about social issues like poverty….bleeding liberals).  Well, I have to go be a Second Row Slut (I would be a Front Row Floozie, but that row is too close to the screen and it makes my eyes hurt) in Analytical Chemistry now.  <3, Lindsay


1 Response to “Amber isn’t a Liar, and I am a Front Row Floozie most of the time.”

  1. 1 Andrew February 11, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    I want the video up up up!

    Lindsay, I had no idea this hierarchy in class room. The first three rows are more sexual than I remember (someone’s mind is in the gutter). 🙂

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