A Few Ways I Have Demonstrated My Nerdiness Today

I just realized that I was wearing my lab goggles a few seconds ago and decided that I needed to share my nerdy moments of today with you all.  I fully believe that first sentence demonstrated just one way in how I would be classified as a nerd…I didn’t take my lab goggles off after I left the lab and I didn’t notice until just now.  I also think that wearing my goggles pushed up on my forehead (sunglasses style, oh yeah) looks cool.  I wished that classes were canceled because of the snow, and then when they were I actually wished that we still had them because I wanted to learn how to do an energy audit at my 4:30 class today, but then I thought to myself that it would be OK because I would get a huge jump on my homework due next week.  I took a dance break a few minutes ago and smacked my knee on the heater in my office, and before that I people watched from the 3rd floor lab hallway of the IATL for a few minutes and imagined backstories for all the people I saw.  Today when I went out to lunch at Baldy’s I said “Neato!” when I saw that I got potato chips AND a cookie with my sandwich.  I also spent almost an entire half hour drawing lines in a geometric pattern with a green hi-liter earlier.

I also just checked Meg Cabot’s Diary, and the last post was about Eli Manning and Tom Brady because they were the quarterbacks in the Superbowl that was on Sunday.  I realized that I didn’t even know who won the Superbowl (I’m not sure if that’s because I’m a nerd or because I just don’t really care…I would totally pay attention if the Packers or Colts had been a part of it)…I had to look it up – BTW, the Giants won (that’s Eli Manning’s (Peyton’s brother!) team).  Share some of your nerdy moments of the day below?  <3, Lindsay

P.S.  Just because…..


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