Exposed Feelings

picture-6.pngCheck this site out! 

I just just just discovered this.  Short story long: Lindsay had texted me the  classic “call me” while I was in class (over two hours talking about The Golden Compass–I love library school), so when I called her back this is basically how our conversation went–totally paraphrased:

Lindsay: Your bridesmaid dress is in!  Wanna go pick it up?
Me:  Yes!  are you done with class already?
Lindsay: Have you read the blog yet?
Me: um, no.
Lindsay:  (heavy sigh) uh, I wrote all about it there.
Me: what happened?
Lindsay: Well (cuts herself off)–you can just read it.
Me: yup–are you at home now?
Lindsay: No, I’m –that’s on the blog, too.
Me: ok, I’ll go read the blog.  see you later!

So the blog has officially become our new facebook wall– I just love putting off instant communication so I can consume it later and by a different media.   It is similiar to how I record things on DVR that I could easier watch while they are on, but I prefer to tape them so I have the opportunity to watch another show that I don’t enjoy as much.

Anyway, so I read the Blog (Oh, Lindsay!) and then I checked our blog stats (I have a feeling I will become obsessed with that) and I was shocked to find out that someone has actually looked our blog already AND that they were linked there from another site!  ta da!  All of Lindsay’s intense feelings of frustrations ended up in the swarm of colorful dots on the We Feel Fine site and someone must have actually clicked on one.  Do you know what this means??? Lindsay’s feelings are famous!!!! or not. 

But I assume it does mean that someone created a webcrawler to search the atmosphere of blogs for the word “feel” and whatnot–that is the interesting kicker–these people are not submitting feelings for the deliberate purpose of the We Feel Fine site–We are getting a range of emotions from people who have a blog for just family and friends, people who blog for a living, people who blog anonymously, etc etc.  I love it! so I won’t think about ethical issues right now (like how private names do not seem to be excluded).  This is my new source of that “I’m-so-small-in-the-world/I-am-the-world/happy/sad” feeling like I get when I visit or um, nature.  And I must admit I will be quite tempted to use the word “feel” in every post I write…


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