Early Day Suffering…Kind Of

OK. Let me just say that I was so excited to go to school today, I’m pretty sure that I only got like 2 hours of sleep. And when I say excited, I mean in the good way. Oh sure, I wasn’t really looking forward to school yesterday afternoon, but that’s because I was just feeling really lazyish. But anyhow, I was so excited. I got up at 7:00 (I know, right?), showered, ate a bowl of cereal (I never eat breakfast, wow!), blow dried my hair, and then to cap it off, I even curled my eyelashes and put mascara on. Geez Louise! Seriously, I went all out. Oh, and I got dressed too, but that goes without saying…I always do that – I don’t always do the other stuff (it’s OK, I don’t sweat so much and I have super dry skin so I can’t handle the every day shower). I left the apartment by 8:00 and skittered on over to the IATL where I deposited my lunch in the lab office fridge, and then on over to the chemistry building.

Here’s where things start to suck. My organic labroom is all the way on the 4th floor, so I was going to take the elevator. But it wouldn’t come down to get me – it stopped on the 3rd floor and then wouldn’t budge. The Up button on the elevator wouldn’t even light up anymore no matter how hard I punched it. So, not wanting to be late, I sucked it up and walked from the Ground floor to the 1st, then 2nd, then halfway to the 3rd and took a breather because those stairs were made to punish students (I swear it’s true) all the way up to 4th floor. Well…I had another break before I hit 4th floor, but that’s because I ran into an old acquaintance from Analytical Chem 2 years ago, but that doesn’t count. So I get all the way up to the 4th floor, and then can’t find my lab because the numbers aren’t matching up – turns out the labs are now in the new edition of the chemistry building (when the heck did that even get finished???, good grief I’ve been away for a long time). So I finally find my way to my lab only to find….no one in the room or hallway. So of course I get all anxious then, because it’s not quite 8:30, so I think I’ll wait it out a bit, maybe people will come. No one comes. I walk back over to the IATL to check my email – yep, we don’t have class until Thursday. And while that’s great and all, now I don’t have anything to do until 1:30 and I’m already on campus. It’s too risky to go back home because I might get back into bed, and then where would that leave me? (Duh, in bed.)

So now I’m just going to hang out for another couple of minutes and then go to the public library (I can’t believe it doesn’t open until 10, do they not think of the nerd girls like me who go to class even when it’s not scheduled so they need someplace to go instead??). I’ll go and grab up a copy of Meg Cabot’s Avalon High: Coronation (I think it’s called that)…it’s apparently the first book in a manga series. I’m not sure how I feel about this – I’ve never read a manga before, but I’m pretty sure it’s like anime…but for the written word…and I’m not a huge fan of anime. But I am a huge fan of Meg Cabot, and I liked Avalon High the book that precedes the manga. I’m confused about all that….first book, but then first book in the manga series… I won’t even check it out, I’ll just sit in the library and read it until I’m done. Since it’s manga, it should go even faster than a regular book. Oh I know! I’ll check out a copy of Meg Cabot’s new book, Jinx. The main girl is apparently from Iowa, but I don’t think any of the story takes place in Iowa. I checked the other day at Target – I read the first page, and it starts at the airport in NYC. How uncool is that? Very, I know, right? Off to the library!

❤ Lindsay

P.S. I know I said my next post was going to be about what the Disney show centering around me was going to be like…but I had to gripe about the fact that I woke up at 7:00 when I didn’t have to.

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